AI-Driven smart atlas for bone age estimation. 
Bone age assessments are one of the most cumbersome imaging procedures performed in children. PhysisTM is an award-winning software that revolutionizes bone age assessment.
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Licensed by Health Canada

Upload x-ray to PhysisTM &
enter patient details.

- Enter date of birth and study date
- Select sex
- Pick from a common list of indications

Increased confidence through accurate bone age predictions.

- Bone age predictions within milliseconds
- Display where patient lies according to chronological age & sex
- Less inter-rater variability and improved confidence with your assessment

Conveniently access official digital Greulich & Pyle atlas.

- Automatically turns to the best representative image for your patient
- Side-by-side comparison with text hints
- Easily scrollable

Save your valuable time with auto-generated customized reports. 

- Auto-populated report with indication, findings and impression
- Directly editable
- Easily copy to your dictation software or RIS

Award-winning AI at your fingertips.

Encapsulating subspeciality knowledge to improve the care that you provide to your patients.
RSNA AI Challenge 2017
1st Place
Winner for
Pediatric Bone Age
Mean Absolute Error of
4.3 months
Equivalent to a Panel
of 3 Pediatric Radiologists
Validated by
Peer-Reviewed Publications
Bone Age Studies

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"I was lucky to trial PhysisTM early on when working with one of its developers. Right from the start, I've found it simple to use, quick and surprisingly accurate when I compare it with my usual calculation, having read bone age x-rays for 20+ years."

Mary-Louise Greer [MBBS FRANZCR]
Pediatric Radiologist and Proud AI Early Adopter

PhysisTM is a convenient and reliable method to rapidly assess a patient’s bone age at the point of care.  I used to flick back and forth through the Gruelich and Pyle atlas until I found an image that matched the patients X-ray, but now I can get an answer I know is accurate within a few seconds. 

Dr. Anthony Cooper [FRCS, MBChB]
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, BC Children’s Hospital