lives impacted by Rho
Rho utilizes routinely captured x-rays to opportunistically identify patients at risk of osteoporosis.
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80% of people aged 50+ undergo an x-ray.

RhoTM can analyze these x-rays for low bone mineral density.

Radiologist receives report for patients at risk.

Findings and recommendations are shared with the provider.

Provider develops personalized care plan with the patient.

Increased reimbursable services for at risk patients.

Clinical Risk Assessment
Fall Prevention
Lifestyle Modification
DXA Screening

Osteoporosis Care Reimagined.

Impacting care through AI-driven opportunistic screening.
1 in 4
eligible women are currently screened for osteoporosis.
of men are never screened for osteoporosis.
RhoTM can utilize
of imaging data captured during routine care.
Number of individuals with low BMD:
42 million
potential lives impacted.

Benefits to Our Customers

Finally, AI designed to improve outcomes for the patients you serve delivered through a value-based care model.
Leverage Existing Data
Increase Screening Rates
Increase Revenue
Maximize DXA Capacity
Cloud or On-Premise
PACS Integration

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